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   Remote active card reader TYLDR-1100hereinafter referred to as card readeradopts infrared communication sending card searching command, receives the response message of active card over the radio, uses LED, buzzer and voice to prompt card reading status: infrared data transmitting status, WirelessData receiving status, success/failure status of card reading. This model is featured its good directionality, long communication distance(510 meter), low power consumption(9V/0.5A), simple and convenient settings (parameters modification can be done just by button-press and indicator light observing)and multiple communication interfaces(485, Wiegand, CAN) , etc. The corresponding active card is also low power consumption featured (10uA in stand-by, 3mA in operation) and it’s delicately designed with a pleasant appearance.
   Not every remote card reading device can bring its desired function into reality for the particular application of parking lot system. In practical application, those key technologies, whether the signal can penetrate the sun control window film, overcoming the interference of adjacent driveway and the signal disturbance of following vehicles, hazards of microwave radiation, signal attenuation, electromagnetic compatibility, etc, become the principal elements that affect the stability of the product. The directional remote active card reader manufactured by our company takes advantage of the infrared and microwave synchronous communication technologyfully regarding the utility of the product in parking lot system and ETC system, achieves the goal of accurate orientation and solves the problem of signal interferences.
   TYLDR-1100 combines the features of IR and RF communication, takes the advantages of two different frequency channels to transmit signals. RF is non-directional electromagnetic wave which is difficult to orient in accuracy but with a high speed communication; the IR is strictly oriented with relatively slow communication speed; it is difficult to achieve the ideal operating requirements in practical parking lot application just selecting one communication channel of the two.
   Mechanism: the card reader transmits a 60-degree range infrared scanning signal, the infrared signal is encrypted data containing information of activating code and machine codewhen dormant long distance RFID card enters the infrared signal scope generated by the reader, it will be activated immediately and transmit the internal code of the RFID card by radio frequency electromagnetic wave, at the same time sending the machine code to the reader; the reader will verify the machine code when receiving the card signal, the code in conformance to the local machine code will be directly submitted to the upper computer, otherwise it will be deleted right away, thus avoids the signal interferences from adjacent driveway and following vehicles.

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