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1 Overview

This model is a kind of highly efficient automatic equipment for card dispensing, can be applied to card-involving consumption system, such as smart parking system, smart card vending system, card issuing, verification system, etc.

2 Features

        Industrial grade chip (operating temperature -40~125℃), built-in crystal oscillator and reset circuit, strong environmental adaption ability;

        Long life and low noise reducer casing motor;

        Adjustable dual-wheel slit card requesting, upper and down wheels inverse direction rolling and rubbing card transmission efficiently avoids double cards dispensing and card jamming;

        Dual-motor in alternation design ensures long-term operation;

        Visual knob and gear for slit adjustment, range from 0.2mm to 2.5mm, division value is 0.1mm, facilitate various cards with different thickness transmission, high accuracy and easy to operate;

        Transmitting wheels made of special type high-temperature resistant rubber, anti-aging;

        Multiple interfaces supported (including one to many control) and customized private communication protocol, all for the convenience of customers;

        Prompt status by frequency of sound and light.

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