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     Adopts industrial grade single chip micro-computer with highly resistance of harsh environmental conditions;

     With hardware watchdog, great adaptiveness and protection capability along with power failure and power low detection function;

     TTL interface adopts protection measures, ensures reliable signal while protects the circuit;

     Upper and lower wheel friction force style card transmission improves fitness for various distorted cards;

     Dual-motor alternation working design ensures long life error-free operation;

     Use double reflection photoelectric sensor for card empty detection improves efficiency of card sensing;

     Pre-loading accelerates the dispensing speed, enhances the transmission efficiency;

     Reserves loop detector signal input to realize one car one card function;

     Transmitting wheels made of special rubber, high thermo-resistance and anti-corrosion;

     Parts exposed to or contact with cards are made of stainless steel, wear resisting and never rust;

     Components made by mould highly guarantee the product accuracy and quality consistency;

     Small and exquisite, electrostatic spraying surface processing crafts, easy to transport and install;

     Multiple interfaces option: RS-232, RS-485 and TTL;

     Card hopper can be cascaded to enlarge card capacity to 500 pcs (0.8mm) at the most;

     Adjustable slit to fit different thickness of subjected cards ranging from 0.3mm~2.0mm;

     Reclaiming function avoids malicious card loss.

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